A car-carrier-crane with a magnet on the winch. The crane is made of solid wood (beech, oak). It can be rolled on the floor, and yet it acts as a full-fledged construction machinery. He can turn the tower, and still lift and carry the goods with his magnetic hook. Our toy crane is just a necessary machine for a large home construction!

The kit includes a crane, a set of 16 wooden cubes and a box.
Each cube has 2 metal inserts, so that the crane can lift the cube with a magnet.

Wooden Crane With 16 Wooden Blocks

  • - Length: 18cm(7") х 10cm(4") х 5,5cm(2,2")
    - The weight: 80-140g
    - Material: beech, oak.
    - Impregnated with eco-friendly linseed oil.
    - Handpolished. Absolutely smooth surface without serifs and splinters.

    - Packaging: exclusive wooden box.

    AGE 3+
    The toy contains small parts. Play under the primotherm of the parents.

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