There is no party without our Pom Poms. These beautiful bolls, made of solid tissue paper, are one big party themselves! 
Whether you hang them up in a nursery or on a wedding, everyone is going to be happy.
Because we love the Pom Poms so much ENGEL. has changed their motto into: "Life is a party, but you have to hang up your own Poms!".
All you have to do is choose between the different color sets. Or just hang them all together!

Pom Pastel

  • Size : Packed in a beautiful box that contains three beautiful Poms

    44, 47 or 49 cm

  • The ENGEL. range has since been extended to include lots of other exciting products. They are made in Dutch and foreign studios where the principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship are embraced. The creative designers that ENGEL. works with empathise with these principles.

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