This children’s tableware is the perfect gift for a new baby. Great to give, but also to receive. 
It’s almost a pity that mother’s milk or a bottle is all they need in the beginning!
But when it’s time to wean your baby, this cheerful beaker, bowl and plate will be waiting to greet you with a smile. At last!


Bamboo children's tableware Ice cream

  • Plate 20 cm
    Bowl 14 cm
    Cup 7 cm

    Material: bamboo

    The tray is made from fully biodegradable bamboo, is dishwasher safe and suitable for hot food and drinks.

  • The ENGEL. range has since been extended to include lots of other exciting products. They are made in Dutch and foreign studios where the principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship are embraced. The creative designers that ENGEL. works with empathise with these principles.

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